Diabetic Open Day 27 July 2019

Hibiscus Hospital has been established since 1990 and in line with our ongoing commitment to community upliftment, we have embarked on offering a series of free diabetic open days at our modern medical facility. The first one was held on Saturday 27 July 2019, with over 100 people attending.

The aim with these open days are to provide accurate, informative and up to date information around all aspects of diabetes in a professional, open forum, friendly environment.

Our three guest speakers offered some very insightful information on the prevention, diagnoses and management of this life-threatening disease.

Dr V. Maharaj was first with a presentation on the different classifications of diabetes. Not only did he touch on Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, but he also broke down the variations of classification by cause, and by clinical stages so that everyone could understand. The video footage of what happens in our bodies was extremely interesting and insightful.

Next up was Natalie Quinn our resident dietician, with the three cornerstones on the treatment of diabetes, namely: healthy eating, exercise and the 3 “R's” of diabetes management - RIGHT medication, RIGHT dosage at the RIGHT time.

Dr L. Gagiano (GP) from the Centre for Diabetes, gave a talk on the effects of coffee and alcohol for people diagnosed with diabetes. Much to the relief of many people attending, it was noted that coffee can even lower the risk of type 2 diabetes as well as reduce the risk of progression from pre-diabetes to diabetes.

For further information, we had several stands with a variety of tools and supplements to improve the life quality of people with diabetes.

We would like to thank the following people and companies.

· Imran Khan from Body Harmony gym
· Thokozani Mthethwa from Accu-check
· Viloshnee Naidoo from Medtronic Africa
· Shaun Thorncroft from NeoLife
· Sr Virusha Naidoo from Sanofi insulin education
· Zodumo Ngubane from Novo Nordisk
· Natalie Quinn Dietician

Last but not least, our management would like to give a big thank you to our amazing staff and nurses that put in a lot of extra time and effort to ensure the success of the day, especially our Nursing Services Manager Sr Firoza Sheik who initiated this open day for the public. Thanks to our wonderful cleaning and catering staff for all your hard work as well.

We have tentatively scheduled the 14th of September for our next diabetic clinic day but will confirm through the press. Please keep an eye open and follow our Facebook page for more information.

Hibiscus Hospital hosts a Blood Drive and Donation Day

As a hospital we are very aware of how important it is to have sufficient blood stocks available, therefore we teamed up with the South African Blood Services and held a blood drive at our new state of the art Day Hospital on Saturday.

Before all the blood drives (including ours on Saturday) the blood stock level was on 2.9 days! Currently the stock levels are up to 5 days.

All blood donors are screened before donating. That means you'll get a fairly comprehensive check-up without having to make a doctor’s appointment! Besides having your blood pressure checked, your blood is also tested, and you'll be notified immediately if anything is amiss. Donating blood is also good for you. Regular donating improves blood flow dynamics in a way that’s less damaging to the lining of the blood vessels and can lower risk of heart attack.

The day was well supported by not only our amazing hospital staff and attending doctors but by the general public that took time out of their Saturday to support. We had some first-time donors as well as quite a few people who have been donating regularly for several years. Many of our staff that popped in to donate, did so on their off-day and brought family members with.

As the old adage goes, “More is always better”, but the South African National Blood Services mobile unit that was in attendance were very pleased with the results, as they said, every pint collected brings   them closer to their target of 3000 units of blood per day.   It is important to donate regularly, as your donation of 1 pint of blood can save 3 lives!

Nurses day Celebration 2019!

We celebrated International Nurses day on Monday 13 May with a lovely braai on our rooftop!


Hibiscus Hospital Port Shepstone Maternity Open Day 28 February 2019

February is Reproductive Health Month, and no surprise as it’s the month of love as well!

As a commitment to the South Coast, Hibiscus Hospital hosted another free maternity day for all expecting parents. The aim of the maternity open day is not only to showcase the state-of-the-art modern medical equipment in both the Maternity as well as the Neo-Natal ICU wards, but to furnish the parents-to-be with some valuable information on pregnancy and birth. We strive to give parents a platform to ask their often-cumbersome questions to the speakers.   

As the moms and dads arrived they were offered a guided tour of the wonderful facilities on offer in the maternity ward. All through the tour, well-trained professional staff members were on hand to answer any questions or explain the working of the state-of-the-art medical equipment like cardio monitors, ventilators, phototherapy units, emergency resuscitation equipment, and computer-enabled X-rays.

Whilst everyone enjoyed the array of tasty eats on offer with a refreshing drink, Mr. Mills (CEO Hibiscus Hospitals Group) welcomed everyone and introduced the speakers. 

Dr. Lovelene Ramouthar (Paediatrician) opened the floor to questions from the moms and dads and Dr. Charlene Maistry (Gynaecologist) delivered an insightful presentation regarding pregnancy and what to expect in each trimester, ranging from the normal tiredness to heartburn and offered some healthy advice to the moms and emphasised the importance of light exercise. Sr Thandeka Mbuyisa (HOD Maternity & NICU) introduced herself to the parents and ensured them that at Hibiscus there is always a midwife and the best possible care for mom and baby.

The afternoon was closed off with a lucky draw of a few beautiful hampers for some lucky moms and dads-to-be.