Myth: If I don’t use my glasses all the time, I’ll mess up my eyes.
FACT: You need your glasses or contact lenses to be able to see correctly; however, if you do not use them, you will not cause additional damage to your eyes.

Myth: I heard that if you eat a lot of carrots you could improve your vision.
FACT: Carrots do have a high vitamin A content; however, because your eyes need little Vitamin A, you only need a small amount, therefore, you can get Vitamin A from other sources.

Myth: I don’t need an eye exam because I can see just fine
FACT: Just because you have great vision does not mean you do not need to have your eyes checked; everyone needs a regular eye exam, regardless of problems.

Myth: My dad says I’ll damage my eyes if I read in dim light.
FACT: Your eyes will get very tired reading in dim light; however, you will not cause any damage to your eyes.

Myth: I can’t do anything about preventing sight loss, if it happens, it happens.
FACT: both getting your eyes checked regularly by a professional, and wearing the proper eye gear, are two excellent deterrents against losing your vision.