The goal of our patient food service is to be both delicious and appropriate

Fedics has provided specialised services to Hibiscus Private Hospital since January 1997 and has been delivering services to a wide variety of industries for over 40 years.

An on-site team produce meals for all types of patients and a variety of diets. The kitchen is a complete halaal facility. No pork is served or kept on the premises.

A 5 day patient menu cycle is maintained in addition to a separate Sunday menu. With an average patient stay of 3 days, the menu ensures that patients have a variety of non-repeated items to choose from during their stay.

Our Oh So coffee shop situated at Hibiscus Private Hospital’s reception, offers a place for visitors to rest and revitalize. Snacks and beverages are provided on display with meals on order as well.

Other features of Fedics service at Hibiscus Private Hospital include:

1. Separate paediatric menus are available for children of all ages. We go to extra lengths to ensure that children are presented with interesting and colourful foods that will encourage their appetites.

2.Patients can choose from a variety of items that include vegetarian choices. Breakfast options include a full English breakfast. Lunch is the main meal of the day in the form of a 3-course meal. Supper is a 2-course meal.

3. A selection of special diets are also available. Fluid diets are catered for pre and post-operative procedures. For patients with special digestive requirements, we provide soft and light diets that are easy to chew and easy to digest. Specific disease conditions like diabetes and heart disease are catered for with specific menus that allow the patient to choose the appropriate foods only.

4. The hospital kitchen maintains extremely high cleanliness standards in order to provide meals that are safe and hygienic at all times without exception. An independent audit team arrives regularly and unannounced to assess the hygiene standards at the hospital. This assessment includes visual assessment, knowledge checking and micro biological testing.

anita-kissonIn order for Fedics to provide the above services at the hospital, a team of competent, caring and dedicated staff are employed. Project Manager Anita Kisson heads the team. Anita is a person who is able to translate the hospital’s needs and requirements into the reality of an efficient service.