Our Vision Statement

To be the hospital of first choice for everyone

Our Mission Statement

To provide everyone with an efficient twenty four hour medical facility which embraces in every respect international best practice norms

Our Vision

  • To be recognised as the best hospital on the Lower South Coast;
  • To always employ well trained, dedicated professional staff, who are passionate about their work;
  • To constantly invest in and upgrade staff and infrastructure, so ensuring our facility remains the hospital of first choice;
  • To establish and maintain a brand associated with inclusive excellent patient care;
  • To establish and maintain a professional beneficial relationship with all stakeholders;
  • To recognise and develop direct and indirect healthcare opportunities that will benefit everyone associated with our hospital

Our core value is “quality care with pride” achieved through the core values of:

Our Core Value

  • Professionalism;
  • Respect and Empathy;
  • Integrity;
  • Dignity;
  • Ethical, corporate and clinical governance;

Our Patient Charter and Rights

  • To provide everyone with an accessible, healthy, clinically safe facility catering for everything from simple procedures to extreme emergencies;
  • To provide a patient with accurate information about the patient’s condition and treatment, so that the patient is able to participate in and make an informed decision;
  • To fiercely honour patient confidentiality and privacy;
  • To treat patients and everyone else, with empathy, courtesy, respect and consideration