Vukhani Crèche in Louisiana

Vukhani Crèche wasn’t much more than a run-down shack used as the only option to look after day-care children. Hibiscus Private Hospital with the assistance of several businesses, individuals and welfare organisations has replaced the shack with an attractive safe-haven where the children can learn and play.

Community assists Louisiana area with new crèche
“This is a dream come true for me and for the community of Louisiana.” These are the words of Vukhani Crèche Principal Zanele Ntondeki at the recent crèche facilities handover function in the Louisiana area just north of Port Shepstone.

It was Dr Moosa Desai who brought the difficulties of the Vukhani Crèche to the attention of the board of directors at Hibiscus Private Hospital several years ago. “We had been looking at ways to invest ourselves in projects that support the needy in the community,” says the hospital’s Executive Managing Director Richard Mills. “The caregivers were doing their best but the children were being housed in little more than a dilapidated shack.”

Along the way, assistance for the crèche came from several sources including businesses, individuals and welfare organisations. The crèche’s land was made available by Bargain Wholesalers via the Zakah Committee. Hibiscus Private Hospital provided resources for a slew of tasks from clearing land and pouring a slab to bringing in the new crèche container-building and putting up the other structures. Others gave or discounted their input, including local builders and the Child Welfare office.

This crèche are continuously improving the lives of these children, shaping them as they grow and giving them shelter and safety. Hibiscus Private Hospital assist with the funding of the daily running of the crèche.

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