What our patients have to say about us:

“Best hospital in south coast renovations made it even more beautiful” – Lihle Mbewu 

“The staff are absolutely amazing. I have been treated with respect, love and care and so much compassion. Very Thankful to each of the nurses and sisters and doctors attending to me. I could not have asked for better.” – Celia Comins 

“Well, what an uplifting day. After having had many upsetting experiences over the last few years in hospitals, today was totally different. From the moment we arrived at Hibiscus Private Hospital, all the staff – every single person, from cleaner, to nurses, to general assistants to matron – were courteous and helpful. We arrived at 6:30 and were totally put at ease and taken care of. Paul was prepared for surgery and taken away at 9am. I was looked after – or, rather, re-assured, even by the senior renovations manager – by everyone whilst waiting patiently. The cafeteria served delicious strong fresh cappuccino and before I knew Paul was back, drowsy, hungry and thirsty. He was only allowed ice before being put into a wheelchair and take for a CT scan. There were 5 men in the ward who were all having the same treatment. When the 5th man was done in surgery, the consultant visited, re-assured and set Paul free. We were back home by 3pm and all is well. Thank you Hibiscus Private Hospital” – Marian Mackenzie-Ross

“The amount of care patience and love my son was shown here i am in absolute awe. The nurses and doctors on call were amazing during a very scary time for mum. You all put our minds at ease in the wee hours of the morning while we were overwhelmed with fear and no sleep. Well done to each and every one of you! Way better than the private hospitals in Durban. Xxx” – Bronwyn Barnard

“I was booked in via casualty in the early hours of Sunday morning 31st of July with a deep laceration to the head. I was initially treated and assessed by Siyanda in casualty. I must say that I have been in many hospitals throughout the course of my life and I had my eyes open in terms of comparing experiences of the hospitals I have been in. Siyanda is next level in terms of treatment care and professionalism. It was like watching someone putting text book learning to real world practice. Hibiscus Hospital you have a winner there! The doctor on call was Dr Maharaj. The good Dr stitched my head and booked me in for observation. I can confirm a week and a day later I had the stitches removed and even the nurse who did the job commented on the great job he did. The difference a week makes is incredible. Wah was a gapping wound look like a healing scratch. Big thanks to the ward nurses too who looked after me well. Great experience 5 stars from me!” – Alan Hall 

“Very friendly and helpful maternity staff. I was booked in for the 2scnd of August & the staff on duty went beyond their line of duty to make us feel comfortable during my stay. The nurses ensured that as a first time mom I left knowing exactly how to take care of my baby. Thank you Hibiscus team for a job well done!!” – Zama Zinhle Shibase