Post-Op Instructions for Tonsillectomy patients

Keep your child in bed the day of discharge from hospital. He may get up the following day and play indoors. Thereafter, if the weather is fine, he is allowed outside. Try to keep him at a constant temperature if possible. He should not go out at night for 7 – 10 days.

For 7-10 days after the operation your child will experience:

  • a sore throat
  • earache – this is usually referred pain from the throat
  • a slight rise in the temperature for a few days – this is normal so do not be concerned.
  • For pain, give the prescribed analgesics 30 minutes before meals, so that the throat is pain free and he will not be discouraged from eating.

On inspecting the throat, you will notice that the area from which the tonsils have been removed is covered with whitish-yellow scab – this is normal. It does not indicate infection

Your child should be given a normal diet. The pain is due to stiffness of the muscles in the throat and the more he chews, the sooner the pain will disappear. Therefore, solid foods, e.g. bread, toast, apples are strongly recommended. Fizzy drinks and the chewing of bubble gum also helps. Plenty of liquids should be given from the day after the operation. Avoid acid, sour or spicy foods, especially bananas and yoghurt.

Please make an appointment for a check-up approximately 10 days after discharge.